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5 Types of People

Online driving courses are a convenient and viable option for many different people. Indeed, people of all ages from all walks of life have realized the myriad benefits of taking these types of courses online versus in a conventional setting. If you live in Florida, Texas, Virginia, or New York, Ticket School offers a comprehensive list of online driving courses that are designed to be engaging, convenient, and easy to complete. The following are five types of people who should consider taking an online driving course with Ticket School.

1. Parents and Working Professionals

Everyone is strapped for time, but perhaps no groups more so than parents and working professionals. Parents—many of whom are working professionals themselves—juggle multiple duties and tasks, from working to carpooling to making dinner and so on. Stay-at-home parents of young children, in particular, often have to find childcare to fit in an activity. An online driving course instantly gives these individuals the flexibility and freedom to study on their own terms and time. Whether the course is taken after work, after the kids are in bed, or during nap time, you are in control of when it is administered, making it easier to fit into your schedule.

2. College and High School Students

Like their parents, college and high school students also lead busy lives. Being in school or taking classes all day leaves little time to fit in additional courses. Top that off with after-school athletics or extracurricular programs—not to mention homework every night—and extra time is virtually nonexistent. Ticket School’s online driving courses allow students to learn driving basics on the weekends or whenever they can fit in the time. Another bonus of online courses is that parents, particularly of at-home high school students, don’t have to worry about taking their children to and from class. It also gives students a valuable lesson in autonomy and time management by fully putting the task of completing the course in their hands.

3. Individuals Seeking Insurance Savings or Who Are on a Budget

Insurance premiums vary exponentially depending on age demographics, driving record, coverage, and many other factors. Premiums can be especially high for those who fall into prime auto insurance brackets, such as male drivers in their early twenties or drivers over fifty. For these individuals, online driving courses that focus on defensive driving or other specialized training topics can be instrumental in lowering overall premiums. Although discounts vary by insurance carrier and by state, the savings realized can be significant—often up to ten percent off of your overall premium. The online driving courses, themselves, are also affordable and less likely to require additional costs when compared to classroom-based courses that might require time off work, babysitters, and other expenses.

4. Individuals With Driving Violations

As with those individuals who fall into high insurance premium brackets, people with driving violations—particularly repeat offenders—often see their insurance premiums spike. For these individuals, however, specialized driving courses are often a required part of their punishment or fine. Many of the Ticket School courses have received approval for State use in rehabilitative driver training programs. The result is that offenders can take a driving course, or multiple driving courses, from their home, which can be crucial in instances where individuals have suspended licenses. Successfully completing the online driving courses can also lead to a decrease in insurance premiums, which is always a welcome addition.

5. Anyone Wanting To Work at His or Her Own Pace

In addition to specific types of individuals, online driving courses are really for anyone who wants to work at their own pace. The beauty of these types of programs is that you can start and stop a course at any time, meaning you can spend 10 minutes or an hour on instruction in any given sitting—it’s entirely up to you. This is especially important for people who learn better going at their own, self-directed instructional speed or who find classroom settings distracting. By putting the educational control into the user’s hands, online courses offer an incredibly efficient way to learn.

From parents to students to those seeking to rectify their driving records or to save money on insurance premiums, Ticket School’s online driving courses are convenient, cost-effective, and successful instruction tools. All you need is an internet connection to take the courses, whether you’re using a laptop computer, an iPad or a tablet, or an iPhone other mobile device. Moreover, the courses are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be viewed one page at a time or all in one sitting. In addition to being a feasible option for certain types of people, everyone, really, can benefit from this type of useful and focused driving instruction.