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In Texas, most of us are aware of the more common traffic violations where you could get a ticket, such as texting while driving, speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, and running a red light. Yet, did you know that there is a strange but true Texas traffic violations list of violations that includes:

1. It is a violation to open the doors while operating a vehicle.

When you are stopped at a red light and go to dump out a soft drink or coffee, if you open the door on your car, you could get a ticket.

2. You could be responsible for traffic violations after selling a vehicle.

When you sell a vehicle in Texas, you are responsible for submitting a transfer of owner notification. The buyer is responsible for paying sales taxes and obtaining a new title. However, if they do not transfer the title and violations against the vehicle occur, they could end up having to pay for those unless they have proof of the transfer notification.

3. Parking brakes must be set when leaving an unattended vehicle.

This old and strange law requires drivers to set their parking brakes when getting out of their cars. Whether the car is turned off or running does not matter.

4. You cannot drive a car without windshield wipers.

If you drive without windshield wipers, you can be issued a ticket. Oddly enough, you can drive a vehicle without a windshield, but you better make sure there are windshield wipers!

5. U-Turns and for sale signs are not allowed in Richardson, TX.

In Richardson, TX, making a U-turn is illegal on any street and could result in a ticket. You can also be issued a ticket if you place a for sale sign in a vehicle that is visible from any street in the city.

6. Passengers cannot occupy a trailer on a truck or tractor while in motion.

Police officer issuing speeding ticket
In Texas, you cannot have passengers in a trailer towed behind a tractor, truck, or another motor vehicle while the vehicle is in operation. The only exception is if you operate a hayride business.

7. You cannot leave the keys in the ignition in a vehicle while it’s unattended.

How many times have you pulled up to the convenience store and left the car running on hot Texas summer day to run in a grab a cool drink? You could get a $500 ticket if you do. The only “loophole” in the law is if you have a newer push-button start vehicle that doesn’t use keys.

8. Tailgating other drivers could result in a ticket.

Most people forget that Texas has a traffic violation for following another driver too closely. If you don’t maintain a safe following distance, you could be stopped by the police and given a ticket.

9. You admit guilt when you pay for a ticket.

If you pay your ticket and associated fines and surcharges, you are admitting you were guilty of the violation. Points are added to your license and the offense is recorded on your driving record where it will remain for the next three years.

10. Surcharges on traffic violations have to be paid separately.

When you pay a ticket and the associated fee, you may also have to pay a surcharge depending on the number of points you have accumulated or the type of violation. In Texas, you must pay for these separately. If you don’t, you could have your license suspended for not paying your surcharge fees.

Fortunately, for most moving traffic violations, you can ask to have the ticket and points dismissed by completing a defensive driving course online. Enroll in Texas state-approved driving courses online at Ticket School today! If you need help enrolling or have further questions, please feel free to contact us at (800) 558-9887.