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When operating a motor vehicle, many drivers know that they should be driving defensively yet far too many actually drive offensively. Why is that? Defensive driving is being aware of your attitude while behind the wheel and operating a motor vehicle in such a manner as to anticipate potential hazards that go beyond following the speed limit and traffic laws.

Offensive driving, on the other hand, increases the risk of being in a crash or getting a ticket. This type of driving is where you drive distracted, speed, weave in and out of lanes or around other cars, or attempt to beat yellow lights, and so on. Driving this way creates dangerous situations that require other drivers to adapt. If this sounds similar to how you drive, then you could benefit from an online driver safety course in Texas.

Why Take a Defensive Driving Course in Texas?

There can be different reasons why you might need to take a defensive driving course. In Texas, you can have a ticket forgiven once every 12 months by completing the course. Traffic courts may offer this option, depending on the type of driving ticket you received.

Another reason people complete a defensive driving course is to get a discount on their auto insurance. Many insurance companies will lower your insurance rates if you provide proof you completed the course. Some companies offer up to a 10% discount!

Additionally, some employers will require their employees to complete a defensive driving course when employees have to drive as part of their job.

What Are Some Defensive Driving Course Benefits in Texas?

The benefits you receive will be based on your reasons for completing the defensive driving course. In the case of a traffic ticket, it can keep the points off of your license. In some situations, the court may even forgive the ticket, like the driving offense never happened.

With an insurance discount, it can help offset any increases your insurance company may impose each time you renew your policy. In Texas, you only have to complete the course once every three years to keep your discount.

If your employer requires you to complete the course, not only are you satisfying your employment requirements, you can also qualify for the auto insurance discount through your own insurance provider.

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In addition to these, other benefits you gain include:

  • Helps you improve your current driving skills. Completing the course can help you become a better and safer driver.
  • You get to review all current Texas traffic laws. Laws constantly change. You cannot claim ignorance of a law—even those relating to driving—to get out of a ticket.
  • You get to learn crash prevention skills and techniques. The primary purpose of defensive driving is being able to identify potentially dangerous situations and how best to avoid them so you do not get into an accident.

If you want to improve your driving habits and reduce insurance rates or are given the option to have a ticket forgiven, then sign up for our Texas defensive driving course at Ticket School or call us at (800) 558-9887 today!