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How long is the Illinois Adult Driver Education course?

All Illinois Secretary of State approved Adult Driver Education Courses must be six (6) hours in length.  The beauty of taking the course online is that you can register and access the course any time (24 hours X 7 days a week).  You can log in and out as you need to.

Who is eligible to take an Illinois Adult Driver Education course online?

You are eligible to take the course online if the following three items are true:

  • You are 18, 19, or 20 years old;
  • You are applying for an Illinois driver’s license for the first time; and
  • You have never taken any type of driver education course in high school or through a commercial driving school.

How much does the course cost?

Our Illinois Adult Driver Education course is $49.  No hidden or extra fees!

Is behind the wheel training required to get my license?

No.  Getting behind the wheel training is not required, but it is encouraged. All driver license applicants are required to pass the behind the wheel component of the Driving Test with the Secretary of State testing facility.  The state recommends license applicants to get up to 50 hours of behind the wheel training (at least 10 of which are at night) to be adequately prepared for the driving test.

I took driver education in high school or at a commercial driving school already.  Is this course still required?

No. If you have already completed driver education and have proof of completion you will be allowed to apply for an Illinois driver’s license without taking the Adult Driver Education Course. Acceptable proof would be a certified transcript from your high school showing a passing grade or a completion receipt from the commercial school

Is there a final exam? 

Yes. All Illinois Secretary of State approved courses must have a final exam.  Our final exam is 20 multiple choice questions that cover the material learned in the course.  You must get at least a 70% score to pass.  You are given 2 attempts to receive a passing score to complete the course.  The course final exam is separate from the written test you will also be required to pass at the Driver License office.

Is my completion reported the Secretary of State’s office? 

Yes. Once you have successfully completed the course your information will be reported to the Illinois Secretary of State within 3 business days.  The Secretary of State’s office will then email you a completion letter that you print off and take with you to the driver license office to get your license.

I have successfully completed my Adult Driver Education Course. What happens now?
You will receive an email from the Secretary of State at the email address you provided when you registered for the course. This email will include a link where you can download your Certificate of Completion. Once you have printed the certificate, bring your certificate to the nearest Secretary of State facility with your other required identification documents and complete the remaining requirements.

I am moving to Illinois and have an out of state driver’s license; do I have to take the Adult Driver Education Course prior to obtaining my Illinois driver’s license?
No. The Illinois Secretary of State will require you to surrender the out of state driver’s license and take the applicable test(s). Illinois will not require proof of having taken an Adult Driver Education Course when you apply for your new license.

What is your refund policy? 

We offer a 90 money back guarantee for our courses.  If you registered and paid for a course within the last 90 days and are not satisfied you may contact us to request a refund.  If your account has been disqualified for identity validation, unit quiz, or final exam failures, then you are not eligible for a refund.