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The New York Traffic Diversion program offers ticketed drivers the chance to avoid points and penalties associated with traffic tickets by taking a New York DMV-approved Point Insurance Reduction Program (a.k.a defensive driving course). In addition to cleaning their records, drivers who take the program are also less likely to re-offend in the future due to the effectiveness of these courses.

Only certain drivers may enroll in the program, as enrollment eligibility is based on the severity of the offense and the driver’s previous offenses. Read on to learn more about the program and see whether or not you’re eligible to enroll.

Overview of the New York Traffic Diversion Program

The New York Traffic Diversion Program is offered to drivers who have received tickets for minor traffic violations. Those interested in enrolling must submit an application and application fee to their respective county officials, who will then determine the applicant’s eligibility based on the severity of the offense and their driving record.

Once an application is approved, the court will receive notification from the county and adjourn the case for 30 days. The driver will then receive application approval by mail, after which they’ll be required to complete a state-approved defensive driving/Internet Point Insurance Reduction Program (IPIRP). Some counties offer their own courses, so it is important for drivers to determine what courses are acceptable for the county handling their case.

Upon successfully completing the course, the driver will be issued a certificate of completion that can be turned in to the county to withdraw the infraction. The county will also notify the court to drop the prosecution. Note that some infractions, such as a suspended license, may require additional fees and processing times.

Benefits of Taking a Traffic Diversion Program

Ticket dismissals and point reductions aren’t the only benefits of enrolling in the New York Traffic Division Program: Since drivers are required to take defensive driving or insurance reduction courses, those who complete the program can use their certificate of completion to lower their auto insurance rates.

Enrolling in the program is also a great way to become a better, safer driver. By learning defensive driving skills during the program, drivers are more likely to avoid future accidents and traffic violations.

Am I Eligible?

Eligibility for the New York Traffic Diversion Program is based on the severity of the offense and the applicant’s driving record. Most people who take the program are first-time offenders with relatively clean driving records.

To be eligible for the program, drivers must:

  • Be charged with an eligible offense, which generally excludes DUIs and reckless driving.
  • Have a valid driver license and insurance at the time of offense.
  • Have no more than four points on their official driving record.
  • Not have taken a traffic diversion program within the past 12 months.
  • Not have had a DUI conviction within the past 18 months.
  • Not be involved in an accident at the time of offense.
  • Not have been ticketed for a speed of 30 mph or more over the limit.

Note that some of these requirements may vary, depending on the county. Some applicants may also be able to apply to the program through other counties in New York State.

Internet Point Insurance Reduction Courses from Ticket School

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Taking an Internet Point Insurance Reduction Program (IPIRP), a.k.a. a defensive driving course, is an essential part of completing the New York Traffic Diversion Program. Many counties allow drivers to take this course through an approved third-party driving school, which can help save time and money otherwise spent on traditional live classroom courses.

Ticket School’s New York defensive driving course is 100% online and compatible with mobile devices, allowing you to complete the program on your schedule in a convenient and interactive learning environment. Register today for your New York internet point insurance reduction program! Call us at (800) 558-9887 with any questions.