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Before a person can obtain a driver license or learner’s license, if they have never held a driving license previously, they must successfully pass a 4-hour drug and alcohol course in Florida. You might have heard of this course being called the TLSAE (Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education) course. If you want a legal state-issued driver’s license in Florida, this is one of the pre-license requirements you must complete.

First time drivers in Florida seeking a license must also successfully pass a Driver License Exam, sometimes referred to as a learner’s license test. Both the drug and alcohol course and learner’s license test have to be completed prior to the state issuing a learner’s or driver’s license.

Passing Driver License Exam

What Do You Learn in a 4-Hour Drug and Alcohol Course?

The purpose of the drug and alcohol course is to educate new drivers on how drugs and alcohol can affect driving abilities, along with other important driver safety information. The Driver’s or learner’s license exam, will test a driver’s basic knowledge and understanding of the road signs and road rules.  This important information can be found by studying the Florida Driver’s Handbook.

What to Expect During a 4-Hour Drug and Alcohol Course

It will largely depend on where you complete the course. Many find that taking the drug and alcohol course in a live classroom is a bit too restrictive.  It requires spending the full 4 hours straight at a driving school location on a particular day and time.  The online course allows you to access the course on your schedule from the anywhere you have internet access.  Our online course is more than just reading through a book and taking a test. Our course enrollees have a much higher passing rate because we incorporate videos, color graphics, animations, and other features that make learning the material easier.

Taking a 4-Hour Drug and Alcohol Course Online

Why Is a 4-Hour Drug and Alcohol Course Online Beneficial?

Completing your 4-hour drug and alcohol course online is much more convenient than taking it in a classroom. You have greater flexibility and freedom to complete the course at your own pace. You can start and stop the course and review materials until you are ready to move on to the next unit.

The online course meets the state’s mandatory 4-hour course requirement. However, you have up to 180 days to complete the entire course! If you have a part-time job, school, sports, or other activities you want to do—the course doesn’t have to interfere.

Another benefit of our online course is it is mobile-device friendly. You can start the course on your computer at home and continue it on your tablet or smartphone. All that is required for mobile device support is an active web browser that supports cookies and JavaScript.

Unlike some of the other drug and alcohol courses, our online course does not have a final exam! Instead, at the end of each unit, you are presented with a short quiz about that unit’s materials. This is important since the information is still fresh on your mind.  All you have to do is pass each of these short quizzes to move to the next unit in the course. Plus, you have the option of going back into the unit before re-taking the quiz if you happen to not pass on the first try.  After you pass the last unit quiz we also give you the option to take the Driver License exam right away.

To learn more about our Florida 4-hour drug and alcohol course and learner’s license test, please feel free to explore online at Ticket School or contact us at (800) 558-9887 for further assistance today!