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Over the years, there has been a wide range of different organizations and unions that help workers achieve better working conditions, benefits, and other such things that can be difficult to accomplish on your own. The New York Independent Drivers Guild is one such organization that has been helping for-hire independent drivers.

Who Can Join the New York Independent Drivers Guild?

For-hire drivers cannot work for a company and must be independent. They can work as a “gig” worker for Uber or Lyft or be an independent taxi or limo driver. Members must pay monthly dues to remain part of the guild. The members may also need to complete a defensive driving course online to qualify as a member.

Is the New York Independent Drivers Guild a Union?

The Independent Drivers Guild is a guild, not a union. They do not conduct collective bargaining sessions or provide pay if the for-hire drivers decide to go on strike. However, it is interesting to note that the Independent Drivers Guild was created by the New York Machinists Union.

What Does the Independent Drivers Guild in New York Do?

The Independent Drivers Guild fights for the rights of for-hire drivers within New York. They work together to help improve pay and resolve discrepancies between various companies. It has been an issue where for-hire drivers are paid sub-standard wages and are expected to live off their tips.

The Independent Drivers Guild has also made it easier for drivers to earn tips. Previously, drivers were not receiving as much in tips since people were using apps on their mobile devices to call and pay for the driving service.

The Independent Drivers Guild helped drivers by ensuring the apps were improved to make it easier to tip drivers through the app, especially after they dropped off their passengers.

The Independent Drivers Guild is also giving gig drivers—who were deactivated by Uber, Lyft, and other ride-share companies due to poor ratings—the opportunity to appeal those decisions and be reinstated. Without the guild’s help, the drivers that were deactivated would not have had the opportunity to get their jobs back.

Other Issues the Independent Drivers Guild Is Working On

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The Independent Drivers Guild is currently working on other issues to help for-hire drivers in New York. One concern that is being addressed is access to bathrooms for the drivers, especially in New York City.

For those familiar with NYC and Manhattan, you know how hard it is to find a parking spot, let alone a public restroom. The guild is working to make restrooms more accessible, along with special “emergency” bathroom parking spaces for the use of for-hire drivers in the city.

Another current issue the guild is working on is a healthcare bill concerning for-hire drivers. Many of the guild’s members do not have affordable healthcare or access to it. They want to see a change in healthcare options where for-hire drivers have access to health insurance that is affordable.

As you can see, the Independent Drivers Guild is doing a lot to help for-hire gig drivers in New York.

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