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Michigan Eligibility

The Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDIC) offered 100% online by Ticket School provides a way for Michigan drivers with eligible driving offenses to keep their violations from being reported to their auto insurance companies. This is an important benefit because it helps keep insurance rates down and saves drivers money. However, not every Michigan driver with a driving violation is eligible to take the Michigan BDIC to receive this benefit. Let’s take a closer look at eligibility for the BDIC.

You’ll Receive a Letter from the Michigan Secretary of State

First and foremost, a key way to know if you are eligible to take the Michigan BDIC course is to watch for a formal letter that will be sent to you from the Michigan Secretary of State following a traffic ticket if you are eligible. You will have 60 days to complete the course and the letter will list a deadline date by which you must successfully complete the course to remain eligible for this benefit. Ticket School’s Michigan BDIC course is offered 100% online, is fully approved by the Michigan Secretary of State, and does not have a final exam.

What Kinds of Traffic Tickets are Eligible for the Michigan BDIC?

Ticket School realizes that many Michigan drivers who receive traffic tickets will want to know right away if their ticket is eligible for the Michigan BDIC and may not want to wait to see if they receive a letter. While of course we cannot guarantee that your ticket will be eligible for the Michigan BDIC, here is a list of common traffic ticket offenses that are eligible:

  • Person Under 21 Refused Preliminary Breath Test
  • Occupant Under the Age of 18 in Open Bed of Pick-up Truck
  • Speed 999/99
  • Limited Access Speed 999/99
  • Violation of Basic Speed Law
  • Failed To Stop Within Assured Clear Distance
  • Drove Without Due Care and /or Caution
  • Failed to Drive Minimum Speed
  • Disobeyed Stop Sign
  • Improper Passing
  • Disobeyed Traffic Signal
  • Failed to Stop at Railroad Crossing
  • Failure to Obey Railroad Crossing Restrictions
  • Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device or Enforcement Official at Railroad Crossing
  • Disobeyed Traffic Control Device (regulator)
  • Improper Crossing – Divided Hwy
  • Failed to Yield
  • Failed to Yield to Emergency Vehicle
  • Failed to Yield to Pedestrian
  • Failed to Stop Leaving Alley or Private Drive
  • Failed to Signal and/or Observe
  • Interfered with Traffic
  • Interfered with Fire Apparatus
  • Unauthorized or Improper Use of Lights
  • Followed Too Closely
  • Prohibited Turn
  • Improper Turn
  • Drove Wrong Way on One-Way Street
  • Improper Lane Use
  • Violation of High-Occupancy Vehicle/Lane (HOV)
  • Drove Left of Center
  • Illegal Entrance/Exit – X-Way
  • Obstructed Vision or Control
  • Drove Moped on Sidewalk
  • Unlawful Rider on Motorcycle/Moped
  • Motorcycle/Moped over Two Abreast
  • Violation of Graduated License Permit
  • Improper Load or Towing

The above list is of the broad categories of driving ticket offenses that are eligible for the Michigan BDIC. For specific violations that fall under these categories, and for the sections of Michigan law under which these violations fall, please visit Tickets (civil infractions) Eligible for the Basic Driver Improvement Course on the website.

Ticket School’s Michigan BDIC Course Is Convenient and Fully Approved

Ticket School’s Michigan BDIC course is offered 100% online and can be completed from any internet-connected device including smartphones. There’s also no final exam and the course is fully approved by the Michigan Secretary of State. For more information about our Michigan BDIC course please visit the course page and FAQs page or register now.