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Ticket School is proud to offer top quality, affordable, DHSMV-approved, driving courses to Florida drivers. One popular course that we offer is our 8-Hour Traffic School Program. This course is accepted by all Florida counties and is designed for traffic offenders ranging from aggressive drivers to drivers who have a suspended license or multiple traffic citations. Our 8-hour Traffic School Program is loaded with benefits and designed to make it as easy and convenient as possible for Florida drivers to meet their legal requirements while learning valuable safety information.

What Is the Florida 8-Hour Traffic School Program?

The Florida 8-Hour Traffic School Program may be referred to by different names depending on the clerk, court official, or other party referencing the course. Some common titles for the course include the following:

  • The Florida Intermediate Driver Improvement (IDI) Course
  • 8-Hour Aggressive Driving Course
  • 8-Hour Suspended License Course

The 8-hour course might also be referred to by some clerks as a “Defensive Driving Course,” or “DDC,” but these terms all refer to the same type of course. This course is not the same as a 4-hour Basic Driver Improvement or 12-hour Advanced Driver Improvement course, both of which are also offered by TicketSchool.

Why Take the Florida 8-Hour Traffic School Program?

8-Hour Traffic School attendance in Florida typically falls into one of the following three categories.Program may be taken voluntarily or it may be court-ordered due to the driver having committed one or more serious traffic violations or if there is a record of violations.

Intermediate Driver Improvement (IDI) – This type of attendance is most commonly required in Florida’s large metropolitan areas such as the following counties: Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Orange, Hillsborough, Duval, Pinellas, Seminole, Sarasota, and Leon. Florida law prohibits a driver from attending a 4-hour Basic Driver Improvement course to reduce traffic ticket points more than once a year, so drivers are sometimes given the option to complete an 8-hour IDI course if they have already completed a BDI course for a traffic citation within the same year. If the course is court-ordered, the driver must complete it by the court-assigned deadline date, since failure to do so may result in revocation of their driver’s license.

Aggressive Driver Course – In Florida, law enforcement officers often cite a driver for aggressive driving when that driver commits two or more serious traffic offenses at the same time, or within a short period of time. For example, changing lanes rapidly without signaling, while speeding at the same time, will often result in an aggressive driving citation. In other situations, a judge might review the facts of a traffic crash and determine that a driver’s actions constituted aggressive driving behavior. Incidents involving road rage will also commonly result in an adjudicative order for Aggressive Driving Course attendance. If your court paperwork indicates that you have been ordered to attend an 8-hour Aggressive Driving Course, select “8-hour Aggressive Driving” as your reason for attending when you sign up for the course.

Suspended License Course – After reviewing a driver’s record, a Florida judge or court might order an offender to attend a course designed for drivers who have had a suspended driver’s license. If this applies to you, select “8-hour Suspended License Course” as your reason for attending when you sign up for the course. Note that this only applies if the judge or court has specifically ordered you to attend an 8-hour course. If you have been ordered to attend a 12-hour course, you should sign up for the 12-hour Advanced Driver Improvement course instead. If you are not sure which course you need, check the documentation that you received from the court, or call the court to obtain this information.

For each of the categories described above, the driver will have been court-ordered (or given the option by the court) of attending the 8-hour course. That driver will need to report his or her completion to the court, not to DHSMV, and the decision as to whether or not points will be assessed will be made by the judge or court.

Why Take the 8-Hour Traffic School Program with Ticket School?

Ticket School’s 8-Hour Traffic School / Aggressive Driving / Suspended License Program is the most technologically advanced, up-to-date course of its type that is currently available to Florida drivers. This means that it is not only easier for students to use, but also contains the important safe driving information that Florida courts require for 8-hour traffic school attendance.

Ticket School’s 8-Hour Traffic School Program is also a fully online course, sparing you the inconvenience of having to take the course in a physical classroom at a set time and place. Instead you can work on the course in the comfort of your own home, work, or other chosen space according to whatever schedule works best for you. Our 8-Hour Traffic School Program is also mobile and tablet compatible and works on all operating systems on any internet-connected device.

Ticket School also has you covered with top quality, US-based customer service. If you are having a problem with your course, have a question, or want to address any other concern simply give us a call at 1-800-558-9887 between the hours of 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday. You can also visit our Florida IDI course page or FAQs page for more information.