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Texas defensive driving courses offer a convenient way to keep a ticket off your record as well as a potential discount on your auto insurance costs. The Ticket School course teaches you not just the driving safety strategies that most have already learned over the years, but more importantly gets to the root of why you choose to ignore them. Below, we’re covering the benefits and why taking a Texas defensive driving course online should be considered.

Benefit One: Possible Ticket Dismissal

In Texas, if you have received a moving violation such as speeding, usually you will be eligible to notify the court and request to take a driver safety course (a.k.a. defensive driving course) to have the ticket dismissed. Typically you will pay a fee and the court will give you 90 days to successfully complete a defensive driving course. If you complete the course and provide the certificate before your deadline, the ticket will not go on your driving record. You may take defensive driving for a ticket once every 12 months. Why is this important? If you just pay for the ticket and allow the points to go on your record, depending on how many points you have already, you could lose your license and/or be surcharged by the State for accumulating too many points. Your insurance can also go up if you reach certain thresholds, so it is always best to keep points off your record and taking a defensive driving course helps you do that.

Benefit Two: Keep your Driving Record Clean

Why is it important to take defensive driving when eligible to dismiss the ticket and not just pay the ticket? The answer is that it is always in your best interest when given the option of ticket dismissal by the court to choose that option because it keeps the ticket and more importantly the points associated with that ticket off your driving record. There are some dramatic penalties that can occur if you accumulate too many points, including surcharges from the state or worse suspension of your license and driving privileges. Your auto insurance company also uses your driving record to determine your renewal rates, so it is always best to keep a ticket and its points off your record.

Benefit Three: Quick Certificate Processing

Choosing to take a Texas defensive driving course online will help you get your completion certificate faster than if you take the course at a live class. The Ticket School Texas defensive driving course sends out certificates electronically via email free of charge as the default delivery method.  If an emailed certificate is not your preferred delivery method, paper certificates are also available and can be sent via US mail (usually received in 3-5 business days) or express delivery (2-business day shipping, standard overnight, and priority overnight) for an additional fee.

Benefit Four: Learn at Your Own Pace

Being able to access the course anytime (24 / 7) and from anywhere you have internet access is probably the biggest selling point to taking a defensive driving course in Texas online. The online course also allows you to log in and out as needed and the course will automatically save your progress, so you can take the time you need to work your way through it. All state approved courses for tickets in Texas must be 6 hours in length, but the beauty of the online option is that you can break that up as your schedule allows.

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If you want to make sure your ticket stays off your record to keep your driving record as clean as possible to avoid any further penalties, Ticket School can help. Our state approved online course is ready and waiting for you anytime you need it.

Register today at to get started with your Texas defensive driving course online or call us at 800-558-9887 if you have any questions. We also offer a Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program (DADAP) that can be taken for certain drug and alcohol offenses or for insurance discounts. Taking a defensive driving course online Should be a simple and stress free process and we are here to help it be that way for you.