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Smartphone Users Choose

The Florida DATA course, also commonly referred to as the Florida Online Drug and Alcohol Course or the Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) course is a legal requirement for all first time drivers who are getting their driver’s licenses in Florida. It is divided into 10 units that teach facts about drugs and alcohol, bust some common myths, provide information about the dangers and consequences of intoxicated driving, and teach alternatives and safer behavior.

Since one of the main demographics that will be taking the Florida DATA course is Florida teenagers and young adults who have never had a driver’s license, it is crucial for the DATA course to offer the benefits and capabilities that they need. One such criteria that is important to many people who are taking the Florida DATA course is that it be smartphone compatible and our course is! Let’s take a look at why Ticket School’s Florida DATA course is a great choice for smartphone users

Completely Mobile Friendly for the Florida DATA

One of the most frustrating experiences of using a smartphone for web browsing occurs when a website doesn’t have a responsive and mobile friendly design whereby the page elements get all out of whack. This can result in a more than difficult user experience. Rest assured, that Ticket School’s Florida DATA course is fully mobile friendly.. All of our customers will get the same great course experience whether they are on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or traditional desktop computer.

Take Your Florida DATA Course Anywhere

Smartphone users love Ticket School’s Florida DATA course because they can take their course anywhere and work on it at anytime! Your course goes where you go and whether you have an hour break or ten spare minutes of downtime, you can always login and make some progress on your course. Plus, your work will automatically be saved and synced across all devices.

No Apps or Downloads

Let’s face it, most smartphone users wind up with dozens of unnecessary apps cluttering up their phone and making it difficult to stay organized. Ticket School understands that our customers don’t want another app taking up valuable screen space, especially since they won’t need it once they have completed their course. That’s why our Florida DATA course doesn’t require any apps or downloads. Instead simply login from your regular browser and let us take care of the rest.

Works with All Devices

The last thing Ticket School wants to do is get involved Android vs Apple wars or alienate Windows phone users. That’s why you can rest assured that your Florida DATA course will work great on any type of smartphone operating system or brand.

For more information about our Florida DATA course please visit our FAQs page or course page. Or if you prefer you can jump straight to the registration page and begin working on your DATA course almost immediately. If you have any questions or concerns that haven’t been addressed on these pages, or if you simply prefer to get more information from a live agent, please call us at 1-800-558-9887 anytime Monday-Friday, between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM EST, excluding holidays.