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Who Needs to Take DATA

The Florida Drug, Alcohol, and Traffic Awareness (DATA) Course is a mandatory, 4-hour course for drivers who have never held a driver’s license and are seeking to get one in Florida. The course goes by other various names including the Florida DATE course (Drug, Alcohol, traffic education), the Florida TLSAE course (Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education), or simply the Florida Drug and Alcohol course. These names all refer to the same course, but it is important to ensure that the course you take is state-approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV).

Who Needs to take the Florida DATA Course?

The Florida DATA course is a mandatory awareness course for all first-time drivers who are seeking to get their Florida driver’s license and who have never held a driver’s license in the State of Florida, another state, or other qualified jurisdiction. This requirement applies to everyone, regardless of age, but in particular tends to affect Florida teenagers since they are the ones reaching the legal driving age for the first time. Nevertheless, older first-time drivers in Florida are not exempt from this requirement.

You may take the Florida DATA course if you are fourteen years of age or older, but you must be fifteen years of age or older to apply for your Florida license. You must also take and pass your Florida Learner’s Permit Test, which you may take when you are fourteen years and six months of age or older. TicketSchool offers both of these courses online and they are fully approved by the Florida DHSMV.

What Can I Expect from the Florida DATA Course?

The Florida DATA course consists of 10 units focusing on drug and alcohol awareness as well as traffic and driver safety awareness. The course is designed to dispel some common myths surrounding drug and alcohol use as well as provide real facts and information about how drugs and alcohol affect the body and a driver’s ability to function. The course also provides key information about drug and alcohol laws and the consequences of driving while under the influence.

The Florida DATA course is taught using a combination of high quality video content, interactive quizzes, animations, graphics, and text. The course is designed to be engaging and informative and to boost retention of the facts presented. In addition to the unit quizzes there will also be a final exam. Once you complete the course your record will automatically be updated with the Florida DHSMV and they should have your successful completion of the course on file in their system when you go to get your Florida driver’s license.

How Long Is the Florida DATA Course?

The Florida DATA Course is a 4-hour course, meaning that state regulations require it to take at least four hours of instruction time to complete. However, students are encouraged to work at their own pace and it may take you longer than four hours to complete. You are allowed to login and logout as often as you like while taking the course and do not need to complete it in one sitting. Once you register for the course you will have 180 days to complete it before your access to the course is suspended.

Why Choose TicketSchool for the Florida DATA Course?

TicketSchool’s Florida DATA Course is provided 100% online and comes packed with great benefits including full mobile compatibility, no software or app downloads, unlimited logins, automatic saving and syncing of progress across all devices, full state approval, and a dedicated, US-based customer service team. Your Florida DATA course is also backed by our Lowest Price Guarantee and our Money Back Guarantee. For more information please visit the Florida DATA Course page or register for the Florida DATA Course now.