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Car insurance premiums are a required part of driving a motor vehicle in Texas regardless of age. Yet the cost of car insurance can be very expensive if you are involved in car crashes or get too many speeding tickets. Fortunately, there is one thing you can do to help: Complete a defense driving course online. Even if you are a model driver and have never gotten a ticket, you could still save on your insurance by completing a Texas defensive driving course.

What Is a Texas Driver Safety Course?

A Texas driver safety course is the official name for what most know as a defensive driving course that aims to teach drivers the basics of driving safer. The course includes a range of defensive driving techniques to use to help avoid crashes, speeding, and other moving violations. The course also covers the topic of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

The primary purpose of the course is to serve as a refresher course on how to be safer behind the wheel, as it covers all the latest Texas traffic laws, rules, and regulations. The course even provides information about impaired driving statistics and traffic crash statistics.

Stop Rate Increases with a Defensive Driving Course Online

If you have tickets or a crash on your record, you are likely paying more for your auto insurance and completing a Texas defensive driving online course could help offset those additional costs. It is also worth noting that preventing rate increases before they happen is the very best solution. If you are given the option to complete a defensive driving course by the court for your ticket, it is a good idea to do so. By completing the course, the court may dismiss the ticket, which keeps the points from going on your record. Since the points will not be applied to your driving record, your insurance rates will not increase.

Lower Insurance Rates with a Defense Driving Course Online

Texas is one of a number of states where insurance companies offer discounts on car insurance for people who complete a defense driving course online. Not all insurance companies offer discounts, so we always recommend contacting your agent or insurance provider prior to taking the course. The discount may vary but the typical discount with participating companies is as much as 10%.

The discount is valid for three years and can be renewed when it expires by retaking the driving course online again. Completing a driver safety course online really is a quick and easy way to save!

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Benefits of Taking a Driver Safety Course Online

Aside from the benefits of reduced insurance rates and preventing points from being applied to your license, other benefits of taking the Texas defensive driving course online with include:

  • Mobile Device Compatible: You can work on your course whenever you want from just about anywhere on any device!
  • Complete at Your Own Pace: You can complete your course at a pace that best works with your schedule.
  • No Final Exam: There is no final exam at the end of the course. You will get a short multiple choice quiz after each unit, while the information is fresh in your mind. Rather, you are tested at the end of each course section.
  • Free Email Certificate: After completing your online course, your certificate is emailed directly to you for free! You need this certificate to show your insurance company or the court magistrate to get your insurance discount or your ticket dismissed.

To get started on your Texas driver safety course online today, register at Ticket School or contact us at (800) 558-9887 for further assistance.