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When prospective drivers think about driving school, they think of somewhere to go that allows them to get all the needed requirements out of the way to become eligible to get their learners permit.  In Florida, there are a couple requirements for teens age 14.5 to 18 years old that must be completed prior to being able to go and get a learner’s license.  The first requirement is to complete a 4-hour Florida Drug and Alcohol Course – officially referred to as a Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) Course.  The second requirement is to pass the Florida Learner’s Permit Test.  To study guide for the permit test is the Florida Drivers Handbook, which covers the road signs and road rules information that will tested.  To prepare and take these two requirements you have two different option: Online Driving School or Classroom Driving School.  Both are acceptable, but we wanted to compare the two and explain some of the benefits of choosing the online driving school option.

1. You Can Access Course Content 24/7 from Any Device

You can complete your online driving school course requirements at your own pace around your busy school, work, and social schedules. Content can be accessed 24/7 from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

With a traditional classroom setting, you have a set schedule when you must be present on specific days and times to complete your course and test requirements. It doesn’t matter if you have conflicts in your schedule. If you don’t show up, then you don’t pass.

2. You Don’t Have to Find Someone to Take You to Class

Online driving courses mean you can complete all the requirements from anywhere with an internet connection. You don’t have to ask your parents to drive you to a physical classroom and pick you up afterward.

3. Online Driving Courses Are Interactive

The Florida Drug and Alcohol Course contains videos, quizzes, games, animations, and other such content to keep you engaged in learning. Most teens remember more from their online driving courses compared to classroom-based learning.

4. Online Driving Courses Promote Self-Motivation, Self-Study, and Self-Discipline

There are no set schedules, no set class times, or and no due dates to complete materials. There is also no adult teacher to keep you on schedule to complete the course within a set time period. You are your own “boss,” essentially, and it is up to you to stay motivated, study, and be disciplined enough to complete the course.

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5. Online Driving Courses Cost Less

Getting your learner’s permit costs money. If you are on a tight budget, in many cases it can cost less to take the required courses online instead of in a classroom. Not to mention, taking virtual driving courses means there’s also no associated transportation costs.

6. Your Parents Can Participate Too

Your parent or guardian must be involved to proctor the learners permit test but if they really want to participate can enroll in a basic driver improvement course to brush up on their driving habits, so they are ready to teach you how to drive when you are ready to get behind the wheel. They could even qualify for an insurance discount after passing!

To enroll in our online TLSAE and Florida Learner’s Permit Exam Online, as well as Florida driver improvement courses, visit Ticket School today! You may also contact us at (800) 558-9887 if you have further questions or need assistance.