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Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness

Alcohol consumption is widely accepted in our society, and other drugs are becoming even less taboo over time. There are still many who underestimate the dangers of drinking in general, but especially when under age and driving under the influence at any age. Unfortunately, up until now there have not be enough drug and alcohol awareness course options available in the market to inform people of the dangers that drugs and alcohol can present to society.

This is precisely why Ticket School has created an online Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program (DADAP) in Texas, which covers a variety of educational material and is making it much easier for people that need to take an alcohol awareness course or a drug awareness course.

What Is the DADAP?

The Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program is a safety and educational program approved by the Texas Education Agency and Department of Licensing and Regulation. It aims to teach drivers how using alcohol and other drugs can influence their bodies and minds, and about its effects on society. The program mostly focuses on how drugs and alcohol impair your ability to drive safely.

More specifically, the DADAP is an online classroom course available 24/7 to anyone with an internet connection. Many people find it difficult to make time in their busy schedules to physically go to a classroom or often times a classroom option isn’t anywhere conveniently close by. The TicketSchool DADAP was created to accommodate those who need a convenient yet high quality awareness course option, that can be taken from anywhere and from any device with internet access. The course is taken most often by those that have been required by a court to complete a state approved Alcohol Awareness Program or Drug Awareness Program, but it can also be taken for an insurance discount for some auto insurance providers.

The program includes multiple units as well as a final exam. The course can be taken at your own pace so users can log in and out at their own pace and the course will save their progress.  After successful completion the user will have a certificate of completion mailed out to them.  Express delivery options are also available for those that are running short on time.

What Alcohol and Drug Offenses Can DADAP be Taken For?

DADAP is listed in Section 106.115 of the Alcoholic Beverage Code, which covers what are acceptable Alcohol Awareness Course options. The exact wording is as follows:

Punishing Drunk Drivers

“On the placement of a minor on deferred disposition for an offense under Section 49.02, Penal Code, or under Section 106.02, 106.025, 106.04, 106.041, 106.05, 106.07, the court shall require the defendant to attend an alcohol awareness program approved by the Department of State Health Services under this section, a drug education program approved by the Department of State Health Services in accordance with Section 521.374, Transportation Code, or a drug and alcohol driving awareness program approved by the Texas Education Agency.”

The law references the Texas Education Agency as the authority to approve these cases, but the authority currently falls under Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation jurisdiction. What this means for minors is the court has the option to accept the DADAP online program for the offenses referenced above.  Those include Minor in Possession (MIP) as well as Public Intoxication (PI).

Register for the Drug and Alcohol Awareness Course Online from Ticket School

The DADAP is here to spread awareness about the dangers of drugs and alcohol while presenting it a way that is accessible to everyone. Is your schedule too busy to drive to an alcohol or drug awareness class? You can take the TicketSchool  alcohol test online anytime. Register with Ticket School today!