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Online platforms increase the accessibility of adult driver education courses. Many people find the design and approach of online driver education to be more engaging than classroom learning. We’re going to outline what an Illinois Adult Driver Education course consists of before we dive into the specific benefits of online learning.

Illinois Online Adult Driver Education Course Overview

First, Illinois citizens must meet the following requirements to qualify for an online Adult Driver Education course:

  • This is the first time that you’re applying for an Illinois Driver’s License.
  • You haven’t already taken a driver education course in high school or through a commercial organization.
  • You’re 18, 19, or 20 years old.

Second, it’s vital that you understand what your online Adult Driver Education course will look like since you’re the one paying. Every Illinois Adult Driver Education course must be six hours in length.

You’ll have a final exam that consists of 20 multiple-choice questions. A score of at least 70% is required to pass the test. You’ll have two attempts to answer 70% of the questions correctly. Please keep in mind that this isn’t the only written test you’ll need to take to acquire your license. Visiting a driver’s license office like the DMV will require you to take an additional Illinois driving test.

What Will I Learn During My Online Illinois Driver Education Course?

Expect to cover a wide variety of driving topics during your online driver education course. The goal of covering these topics is to teach you responsibility and safety when driving on the road.

Common driver education topics include:

  • Illinois traffic laws
  • The dangers of driving impaired
  • Dealing with road hazards
  • Traffic signs
  • Road etiquette
  • Defensive driving techniques—and more

Let’s unpack the various benefits you can gain from taking your Illinois Adult Driver Education course online.

Benefit #1: Flexibility in Scheduling

Life gets busy fast. Ticket School understands that you have plenty of obligations to attend to. Our online Adult Driver Education course allows you to log on for class 24/7 from any internet enabled device. You don’t have to be online on any particular day or time.  You can log in and progress through the course as your schedule allows and then log out and the system saves your progress automatically.

Benefit #2: Covid-19 Safety

COVID-19 has impacted our ability to navigate public spaces. Participating in a classroom driver education program may be difficult, especially now with the various restrictions on in person gatherings, etc.  Accessing the Ticket School, Illinois Adult Driver Education Program can be done from the comfort of your own home or another safe space that has internet access.

Benefit #3: Fun and Informative

Let’s face it. Classroom driver education can be dull. An online Adult Driver Education course can provide instruction in more engaging ways than traditional classroom teaching. Online driver education helps students learn through likable programs like videos and other forms of animation.

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Does the idea of an online Adult Driver Education program sound appealing? Keep reading to learn how you can enroll in Ticket School’s Illinois Adult Driver Education course today.

An Easy Way to Register for an Online Driver Education Course

Ticket School is passionate about providing easy-to-use and effective online state-approved driver education courses to help you acquire your license. Our Illinois Adult Driver Education course comes at a low cost of $49. You won’t have to do with any hidden fees, either. You can register and begin your course whenever you are ready on

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