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Road rage infects the most unlikely people. Behind the wheel of a four-ton vehicle, the meekest person can become a terror. Maybe they’ve had a bad day. Maybe they were born with a short fuse. Whatever the reason, they lose their senses and become a menace to other drivers.


Of course, we’ve all felt it. Someone cuts you off, sits at a green light until it turns red, texts in traffic, swerves through lanes, or rides up on your bumper. Frustration turns to wrath, and rage quickly leads to unforeseen (and potentially devastating) consequences.


Aggressive driving stokes the flames. Road rage is the full-blown fire. An aggrieved driver rams another vehicle, runs someone off the road, or physically confronts the other driver. In a heartbeat, a minor incident becomes a life-changing event. No matter how justified the outrage, unchecked anger can spark a tragedy.


Read more in the infographic about why road rage is never worth the costs.


Road Rage Infographic

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