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Auto Insurance

If you’re like most people, you’re probably eager to save money, especially on fixed expenses like insurance. Fortunately, for many eligible drivers there’s a very simple way to cut your insurance costs by up to 10%: take a qualified defensive driving course with a company like Ticket School. Insurance providers love it when drivers become more aware of what they can do to stay safe on the road, and they like to reward those drivers with lower auto insurance rates. Best yet, Ticket School’s courses are 100% online, making them easier and more convenient to take than ever before.

About Defensive Driving Courses and Auto Insurance Discounts

Drivers can often qualify for insurance discounts by enrolling in and successfully completing a defensive driving course. No matter how long you’ve been driving, there’s still plenty you can learn about becoming a safer driver. While enrolled in defensive driving courses, students are instructed on traffic laws, driving safely in inclement weather, alcohol and drug awareness, and general defensive driving techniques.

Specific requirements and restrictions for auto insurance discounts may vary depending on the state, course taken, and the insurance provider. However, some common restrictions may include any of the following:

  • You must complete an accredited defensive driving course, like the one offered by Ticket School
  • The applicable discount for taking a course applies for a given period of time (typically 3 years).
  • The discount only applies to the vehicle for which the person who completes the course is the principal operator.

Drivers who are required to take a defensive driving course as part of a court order will more than likely not qualify for a discount. However that is not always the case. In Texas for example drivers that take the course for a ticket also get an insurance copy. Also, a driver who receives a traffic ticket can avoid having points added to his or her driving record by enrolling in a defensive driving course. This is almost always preferable to paying the ticket and having points added to a record, which can result in higher fees and insurance rates.

The Convenience of Online Driving Courses

Even a driver who is aware of the potential auto insurance discount he or she can receive by enrolling in a defensive driving course might be reluctant to take advantage of the discount if he or she is already very busy with everyday life and doesn’t have much free time. However, fortunately with Ticket School courses this is not a concern. We have made it easier than ever for drivers seeking auto insurance discounts to complete the courses they need by offering our courses 100% online. Course participants can work on their courses entirely online whenever they have time, be it in the morning, afternoon or night and whether they want to do long or short sessions. Not only that, but our courses are fully compatible with the full range of internet-connected devices including smartphones, desktop and laptop computers, and tablets. All you need is a screen and a connection to the internet and you’re well on your way to becoming a better driver with reduced insurance rates.

Additional Advantages to Taking Driving Courses with Ticket School

Besides earning a discount on your car insurance, there are still plenty of other advantages to enrolling in a Ticket School defensive driving course. For instance, you’ll receive the lowest price possible, and you won’t have to worry about paying hidden fees. You’ll also have 24-7 access to high quality, engaging content featuring plenty of video and animations rather a boring text only course. You can even have your completion certificate rush delivered to you when you finish.

Learn more about Ticket School courses by browsing our site or by calling 800-558-9887.