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Online Virginia Driver Improvement Course

The online Virginia Driver Improvement Course is a distance learning option that you can choose over traditional courses. This option allows you to take the Virginia Driver Improvement Course completely online with Ticket School instead of having to sit in a traditional classroom. Taking the course online allows you to access a virtual classroom any time of day from any mobile or desktop device. You can access the course from your couch in the evenings after work or you can access the course when you have a few extra minutes during the day on your lunch break through your mobile phone or tablet. If you are wondering if this course will meet your needs, here are 4 important functions served by the online Virginia Driver Improvement Course that you need to know about.

Insurance Discount

One common reason to take a driver improvement courses such as the Virginia Driver Improvement Course is for the car insurance discount. After you take the course and pass the final exam, Ticket School will send you a certificate that shows you passed which you can submit to your insurance company if they participate in a discount program. Upon receipt of your certificate your insurance company will apply a discount to your policy to reflect that you completed a course aimed at making you a safer driver.

Safe Driver Points

There are two different kinds of points that can be applied to your driving record. These include demerit points and safe driver points. If you are convicted of a traffic violation that is reported to the DMV, demerit points will be added to your driving record. The amount of points you receive depends on the severity of the violation. If you receive too many points, you can end up with a license suspension and be required to complete a driver improvement course. The other type of points that can be added to your driving record are safe driver points. If you drive safely without any violations or suspensions for an entire year, you can receive 1 safe driver point. You can also receive 5 safe driver points for completing a Virginia driver improvement course. You can accumulate up to 5 safe driver points that can be used to offset future demerit points.

DMV Approved

The online Virginia Driver Improvement Course in DMV approved. This means that it is approved through the DMV, therefore, the DMV verifies that it meets the requirements needed to make Virginia drivers safer behind the wheel. Being DMV approved will ensure that when it comes time to furnish your certificate or receive your safe driver points, you won’t have to worry the course will not being accepted.

Court Ordered

If you have to go to court for a major traffic violation, you could be ordered to take the Virginia Driver Improvement Course. This can happen from one major violation or from having too many points build up on your driving record due to multiple smaller offenses. If you fail to meet your court order and take the course, you could face a license suspension or even a license revocation. When the court orders you to take the safety courses, the main thing they are looking for is that they are DMV approved as discussed above. Thus you can take Ticket School’s online Virginia Driver Improvement Course and not have to miss work or important family functions to go sit in a classroom. You can take your course online before or after work or during the day when you have free time. You never have to worry about being in the online classroom at a specific time of day. It is open 24 hours, 7 days per week, and you can log on whenever your schedule allows you to, as long as you are meeting the requirements to pass. AS per Virginia DMV rules you will have to take the test in person, but you can take the entire course online at your leisure. Ticket School also offers a money-back guarantee and high quality, US-based customer support.

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