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Facts About the Florida Learner’s Permit Test

Gearing up to get your license? Congratulations, and get ready to say goodbye to begging for rides, waiting around for friends and family members and doling out gas money to fill someone else’s tank. Before you can pack up and hit the open road, however, you have to secure your Florida learner’s permit. You’ll have to study hard to ensure you pass your test, so the more you know about the Florida learner’s permit test, the better. Here’s an overview of what to expect when the time comes to get down to business.

Where to Take It

Once upon a time, those who took learner’s permit tests had to deal with the headache that is the local DMV. Today, however, online options exist that mean that you can take the test in its 50-question entirety from the comfort of your own home – or your local coffee shop, a friend’s house or essentially anywhere that has a secure internet connection. Please note that while you are taking the test, you must be proctored at all times by your parent or guardian. This is a requirement of Florida law. Your parent or guardian will be required to sign a sworn statement attesting to the fact that they proctored your exam and you received no assistance.

Who Can Take It?

Now that you know you can take the learner’s permit test at home in your pajamas, should you choose to do so, you need to figure out whether you’re eligible to take it using this method. The state requires that you be at least 15 years of age before you may take the test online, and that it must be done before you turn 18. You must also provide your name, date of birth, and social security number or an alternative form of acceptable identification. Finally, you will need to complete a Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) course and effectively pass both that course and your learner’s permit test before you will be granted your learner’s permit by the state of Florida. If you haven’t yet taken the TLSAE course, don’t worry, Ticket School provides a high quality, easy-to-complete, 100% online version of the course.

What Happens After Passing Your Learner’s Permit Test?

If you take the online learner’s permit test (and complete the required TLSAE component) and successfully answer 40 or more of the 50 questions correctly, congratulations – you are not only eligible now for a learner’s license, but you’ve also gained a multitude of knowledge that will hopefully help keep you safe on the road. However, you will still need to take a driving test and also have your vision and hearing tested.

Once you have a valid learner’s license, you will be able to drive with several stipulations: Per the state of Florida’s graduated licensing program, you must have a licensed driver over the age of 21 present in the front seat of your vehicle while you’re driving, and you will only be able to drive at certain times of day until you’ve had your license for a predetermined period of time. Be sure to rely on the knowledge you gained while studying for the test every time you get behind the wheel, so that you don’t injure yourself or another person.

What Happens After Failing Your Learner’s Permit Test?

Unfortunately, not everyone passes their learner’s permit test the first time out, but that’s okay; you’ll have the opportunity to re-take the test. First, begin by diving back into the driver’s handbook material and learn as much as possible, both for your own safety and so that you don’t find yourself failing the test again and having to start all over. The online test option is available up to three times. Unfortunately, those who take the test online three times and still fail to pass will be required to do things the old-fashioned way – at the office of their local DMV.

An Important Note On Online and In-Person Testing

Even if you do take your Florida learner’s permit test online and pass with flying colors, there is still a slight chance that you may get flagged and have to take it again at the actual DMV. This is done by a random selection process, so there isn’t anything you can do or not do to avoid getting picked for onsite testing. Fortunately, this only happens to a minority of students. If you are indeed selected for testing onsite, you will have to effectively pass again, even if you passed when you took the learner’s permit test online. The intent of random testing is to minimize any fraudulent online test-taking procedures, and it is an important tool to ensure that no one abuses the system.

Studying hard for your Florida Learner’s permit test is critical to ensure passage the first time, and it is also necessary so that you engage in safe driving behaviors. Dedicating the time to really mastering the material is your best chance at not only successfully passing the test, but at staying safe while traveling Florida roadways. Ticket School is committed to helping you every step of the way by making the process as smooth and seamless as possible.

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